Partners International

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Key Services

- M & A project management and target identification - business plan development - due diligence

- financial plan development - geographic scope analysis - corporate reorganization planning

- marketing plan development - new product and service launch - sales training and management

- HR incentive plan design - international service expansion - new vendor negotiations


Key Services

- start-up capitalization and funding - hands-on sales management and business development

- strategic planning - financial modeling - investor indentification - enterprise valuations

- capitalization table development - investor deck preparation - LOI development and negotiation

- deal terms and offering memorandum development - investor presentations






Key Services

- competitive analysis - asset and resource optimization - customer satisfaction metrics improvement

- operations and back office cost reduction - strategic planning - global procurement and distribution

- I.T solutions analysis and identification  - sales management and business development

- US and international transportation, logistics, and supply chain operations - talent recruiting and training

- telematics solutions - HACCP plan development and certification


Specific expertise: Global Operations, Asset Security Technology and Cold Chain Logistics


Based on over 70 years of collective successful experience, Big Sky's partners are able to provide detailed, yet rapid, analysis of your business to offer credible solutions. Backed by a worldwide network of industry professionals and advanced technology solutions tools, we will personally manage the implimentation and post-implimentation of your initiative and over-see the key metric review period to insure your objectives have been met or exceeded.